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Tutorial Showcase #16

Thu Jan 16, 2014, 8:22 AM
DeviantART is a great place to find not only art but also some awesome tutorials. It doesn't matter if you are interested in photo manipulation or writing, usually there is a tutorial for that. But at the same time there are so many great tutorials outside of deviantART and most deviantART users might never find them unless someone shows these tutorials to them. So I'm happy to introduce you a new journal series called "Tutorial Showcase" which features some awesome tutorials outside of deviantART. System is pretty simple. Every showcase journal showcases five tutorials from a specific category and this category changes with every new journal. There's no special placement, all of them are equal. So here we go!

Theme for this time is:


Surreal mountain painting

Snow1 by vanmall

This first tutorial by Marco Casalvieri is truly a work of art, even more so for his very young age. In this tutorial he shows you how to create this surreal image yourself, starting from sketches and brushes and finishing with fine detail work.

It has to be said that this tutorial most probably won’t be the easiest one to start with. Although it is very well explained and all the necessary steps are there, you still need a lot of creativity and practice to achieve this level of drawing skills. However if you still want to try it then estimated drawing time is between one and two hours and author has provided you with necessary resources, like brushes for example.

tutorial at tutsplus

Snowy landscape

Snow2 by vanmall

Just like the first tutorial in this article, this as well needs a lot of creativity and patience. But although this image looks like a painting, it isn’t. In this tutorial author, Tony Aube,  takes you trough a 20 step process of how to create a winter themed image, using photos and a lot of photoshop magic.

Author has provided you with a long list of resources, that you can use and try to do it yourself. This tutorial starts with merging desert photographs into one to create a background of what later will be your snowy fields. You will go trough masking, color correction and everything else needed to create something wonderful. So at the end you might learn even more things that you didn’t know before and I truly believe that, by following these well explained steps, everyone can do it.

tutorial at tutsplus

Snow effect 

Snow3 by vanmall

This is something for photographers or rather more to people who like photo manipulation. In this tutorials author explains how to add snow effect to your photos with few easy steps. If you have some photoshop knowledge already then I’m sure that you could do it on your own pretty easily, making this tutorial perfect for people who just started learning photoshop.

tutorial at photoshopessentials

Festive cocktail 

Snow4 by vanmall

Definitely one of the most interesting tutorials I have read in some time, because it uses photoshop’s 3D features and not too many people use them. However looking at the end result, I’m starting to think that maybe I should look into it more often. As always, very well explained and very detailed tutorial. It might seem like a hard thing to do but if you follow these steps then it shouldn’t be too hard. There are couple of points that might leave you guessing, but other than that a fantastic tutorial.

tutorial at tutsplus

Vivid winter aurora landscape 

Snow5 by vanmall

In this 28-step tutorial you will learn how to create a beautiful snowy landscape from stock photos. As always with the tutorials I provide, all the resources needed to make one of these yourself are included with the tutorial. Tutorial itself is very well explained by the author, making it a big 5 page long tutorial. However it is definitely worth the time.

tutorial at photoshoptutorials

And this is it for this time. I hope you liked it and if you have some ideas for next time then please be sure to let us know. 

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